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Friday Afternoons at work!

Posted by Rogue on May 16, 2008

So it’s 4:12pm and I am trying to get my mind to focus on work with very little success.  I have exhausted all my normal sites of interest and three minutes have passed since I started typing out this sentence (no I don’t type that slowly, I was distracted by our fanastic Office Manager bringing by some chips ‘n dip!). It’s a tradition at work, wine ‘n chips to round off another week of hard work! Normally fridays are my busiest days, as I am pushing to mark off everything on my to-do list.  This week, however, I have been really good and by lunchtime, my to-do list was fully crossed out.  Serves me right for working too hard!

So now, I am wishing for time to fly by faster so that I can start my weekend off….but wait! I just remembered, I was too tired to get up this morning to go to gym so I need to go sweat for 40 minutes before my weekend can start…dammit! My guilty conscience won’t let me skip it! Whose idea was it to loose weight anyways! Oh right, it was mine…I think it is time for someone to invent a pill that works without any negative side effects.  I would be first in line to purchase that pill!  But until then, 40 minutes of gruelling cardio while sweating out of every pore in my body is my course of action.

Ooh…a site I haven’t visited in a while – adorable kitties, cats and rabbit pics! This should keep me intrigued until hometime!

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